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Britain's Favourite Cheese at Christmas

Channel 5 December 16th 2023


At Christmas a festive Cheeseboard is an absolute must.  In fact, one thing we all have in common is our love of cheese: 98% of homes buy it every week, chomping through 350 thousand Tonnes a year - we simply just can’t get enough of it

This fun and informative one-off celebrates our favourite cheese: What we buy, who buys it , how it’s made and how we love to eat it.


We explore the secrets and stories behind the nation’s favourites: bringing the history, science , flavours and overall deliciousness of our most-loved snack to life- all wrapped up with amazing facts and interesting stories.  This celebration of our passion for cheese explores what makes us keep going back for more.  


We find out how our love and dependence for the savoury staple has grown, and discover what it does to our brain that makes us crave it so much.  


We also find out the cheesy secrets of the rich and famous and meet a man who has had the same rather unique cheese sandwich every day, for the last 25 years.  


Britain now makes more varieties of Cheese than the French, but the past hundred years has been a turbulent time for the industry.    We meet the armies of award-winning makers and mongers who have helped to put British Cheese on an international stage and get experts tips on how to create the ultimate cheese toasty.


Narrated by Dawn French

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