There are a few things that we put at the heart of our business.



We are an honest bunch and we thrive on trust

and good relationships


Everyone who works for us and anyone we have contact with

is treated with respect and fairness


We strive to work with people from all parts of our rich community

We like to encourage people who have the ability but who don't always get the breaks they deserve


We like to find new ways to do things


We care about the communities in which we operate


We have a pro-active policy against waste.  Our company average ALBERT certified carbon footprint is less than 25% of the industry average. We cant use their logo on here without paying for it but we earn the right to use it on our programmes


We aren't the types, who need flash offices, extravagant parties and big egos to prove our worth.  We are positive creative people. We hate waste.   We do like to put a little back and pledge a fixed percentage of company profits to support charities each year.

So far we are delighted to have contributed to the following organisations

help bristol homeless.jpeg

Bertazzoni Range Cooker serviced by Midland Range Cooker Repairs MRCR Ltd